Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Social Justice Series

While one of my classes continues its work on memes, I thought I would keep making a few based on themes surrounding Gamergate.  Doing so actually serves a pretty good rhetorical purpose in how to read the structure of memes and the importance of content in understanding them, as contrary to implications about its universal appeal GG is not a global phenomenon. 

In fact, it hasn't been mentioned or discussed in any significant way in Japan.  Mainstream mass media hasn't covered it,  and the few gamers and developers I know have expressed their ignorance over it.  My students have no idea what the whole fiasco is about. 

As a vast oversimplification, there's a lot ideologically going on in the movement and reactions to it. I find the denigration of games critics, captured in the short hand SJW (Social Justice Warrior), as somewhat amusing considering the relationship between the purpose of criticism (see Matthew Arnold's The Function of Criticism at the Present Time or a summary of it) and the moral overtones of many games.

With that in mind, I've created a few more memes for my class.  I call this the "Social Justice" series: